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BTR's mission is to form lasting business relationships which are mutually beneficial to both the customer and ourselves. We will provide dynamic products and services that solve business problems through the use of today's technology. BTR is dedicated to assisting our customers in solving business problems.




 Dennis D. Bosma, President



BTR's roots are based in the hospitality industry. Our technical staff originally formed the Information Technology Department of the Kahler Corporation and supported its hospitality, formal wear and commercial laundry divisions. The Kahler Corporation was incorporated in 1917 as a hotel company associated with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The proven Kahler software systems were purchased to form the product offering of BTR. These systems have been used over the years to run a multimillion dollar company in 17 states with close to 4,000 employees.


BTR's technical staff averages over 15 years experience in solving business problems, specializing in administrative and productivity systems for the hospitality, commercial laundry, and formal wear industries.



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